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Collagen Casing

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Daisy Slice Collagen

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Daisy Slice Collagen casings are suitable for smoked or dried products.

Wide diameter collagen are perfect as a substitute for natural beef middles to make straight sticks. Available in shirred sticks and cut and clipped pieces.

Daisy Slice Collagen for smoked, scalded and smoked or dried products like pepperoni or traditional dried, Italian style, salamis made best in collagen.

Easy Peel

Daisy Slice Collagen Casings are available with a special inner coating of food grade material which allows the ready release of the casings from the meat surface after processing. Ideal for boneless hams and cooked products where the casing is removed before slicing.

Use Daisy Slice Collagen casings for your service deli items and turn plain lunchmeat into a gourmet eating experience for increased sales and profits.